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KoMo Grain Mills

KoMo Grain Mills

Komo Grain Mills

BakeryBits is the UK distributor for the home mill manufacturer KoMo. KoMo has been designing and manufacturing mills in Germany and Austria for over 25 years, implementing a simple design philosophy "Dispensing with the superfluous and concentrating on what is really important". KoMo has implemented many innovations during its history including a novel millstone suspension system that helps keep the load on the specially-made motors even, reducing wear and keeping the grain temperature low. The corundum/ceramic stones do not require resharpening and, thanks to novel design, the fineness of the ground flour may be adjusted while the mill is running.

All of the KoMo mills can grind all cereal grains, large and small, and even seeds and legumes, provided that they contain very little oil and have been dried completely. Oats, oil seeds and spices may be crushed or flaked with the KoMo flakers.

Make your own fresh flour and flakes using a beautifully crafted mill or flaker from KoMo. Available in sizes to suit the smallest household to delicatessens, the mills are sturdy and capable devices made for long, reliable service.

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