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Wood-Fired Ovens

Wood-Fired Ovens

Whether you’re looking to entertain friends or transform your family home, the rustic feel and attractive domed appearance of wood-ovens lends a warm ambience to any kitchen or garden. The crackle of the wood, the sting of smoke, the way the air shimmers as the eye-watering heat seeps from inside… For the ultimate traditional baking experience, wood-ovens are unparalleled. If you want to capture the quintessential essence of times gone by, an oven by Four Grand-Mere belongs in your home. Browse our range today to transform your culinary experience.

Four Grand-Mère Ovens

Produced by a company which has specialized in the construction of wood-fired ovens for over thirty years, Four Grand-Mère’s creations combine a traditional shape with steel-fibre reinforced volcanic concrete and a design which utilises old-fashioned bricks and tiles. The refractory, where the food is cooked, is surrounded by highly efficient insulating material to increase the substantial heat retention capabilities of the oven. Four Grand-Mère ovens work on the principle of high-thermal mass to create an even radiant heat. The even warmth creates delicious golden breads, pizzas and cakes. For a weekend barbecue, you can cook meat in your wood-fired oven to get a perfect roast.

Summer Dining and Cosy Kitchens

Wood-fired ovens can be installed indoors or outdoors, to create a delightful garden for summer dining or a warm, richly-scented kitchen. The range manufactures models to suit small or large families, for intimate dining experiences or communal dinners. Four Grand-Mère’s designs make beautiful centre pieces for any home. Browse our range today and transform your dining experience.

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