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Oliveri Baking Oils

Oliveri Baking Oils

Oliveri has been a leader in the production of essential oils and natural flavours since 1847. Originally using all their own farm produce, they started their business by extracting essential oils using an ancient and common method using a sponge. Improved techniques and modern distillation methods introduced in the 1930s lead to an increase in their production along with two new sites in Miland and Turin.

Towards the end of WWII an entrepreneurial owner of a cake company appointed the then managing director of Oliveri (Francesco Oliveri) to formulate a combination of essential oils for a new cake enriched with raisins and pieces of candied fruits, known today as "panettone". Developing from the expertise within the company, the essential oils are now used in a wide range of products including cakes, ice-creams, drinks and cosmetics.

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