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Baking Recipes and Advice

  • An International flavour?

    Following a recent photo shoot, we’ve lots of new products to share with you over the next weeks. This week, there are 4 new flours from Mulino Marino, from their Italian stone-ground organic rice flour to their 7-grain flour which is one I am keen to try this weekend. With a long weekend coming up I became a little reflective. We’ve been flat out since before Christmas and we have noticed a big increase in our exports (over 60 countries from Brazil to Bhutan). There are several reasons for this, some are quite prosaic such as the fall in the...

  • Artisan Baker for Forge Bakehouse

    Job: Baker

    Location: Totnes, Devon

    Remuneration: Dependent on experience

    Closing date: 10 May 2017

  • Artisan Baker for Waas Bakery

    Job: Artisan Baker

    Location: Walls, Shetland

    Remuneration: Negotiable

    Closing date: 31 May 2017

  • Malty Flapjacks for Snack Emergencies

    Brighter and longer days and we’re all getting outside again. Whether it’s to visit a nearby National Trust house and garden or to get the garden ready for sowing, it’s good to have a snack at the ready – in case of an urgent need for something to nibble. Seeded malted flapjacks, full of oats, and seeds and deliciously gooey maltiness for a quick reward while digging the beds. I have fond memories of sneaking a spoonful of malt extract from the cupboard as a child. It was probably intended for me to have in the first place, but all...

  • Naturally Sweet Hot Cross Buns

    The run-up to Easter is a good time to bake those indulgent treats and this year, we’ve had to wait quite a while as Easter falls late (the first Sunday following the first full moon that follows the Spring equinox, for those that are interested). Anyway, the bakes marking Easter originate from many sources including Christian, Pagan and Jewish among others, and from lots of countries. There should be something for everyone. In previous years, Vanessa has devised a Russian Kulich and Italian Colomba Pasquale. This year, I asked Vanessa to come up with a hot-cross bun variation that, perhaps...

  • Artisan Baker for Tom's Bakery

    Toms Bakery

    Job: Artisan Baker

    Location: Redruth, Cornwall

    Remuneration: £20-25,000

    Closing date: 28 Apr 2017

  • If you can’t beat nettles, eat them.

    There are some oil seed rape flowers just starting to open in the field opposite me. In a week or two, the field will be that fluorescent yellow, quite different from anything else growing in the British countryside. My internal monologue battles itself with contradictory feelings about early spring: elation at the signs of sunshine and warmth, the countryside coming back to life, and downheartedness at the prospect of all those jobs that need to be done that could be ignored over winter, like preparing my beekeeping equipment. I suppose it is the same for most people, but one small...

  • …and why eating your crust is good for you

    We talk a lot about flour and bread ingredients then how to combine and prove them to get the dough ready to bake, and that is very important to making the perfect loaf. Much less attention is given to what happens next: “bake for 40 minutes until done” is typical – but what is actually going on to change a billowy dough into a golden crusty loaf? Let’s find out. I’ve loved writing about this...the secret life of dough as it bakes and there is lots going on...

  • Who are our bakers?

    I’m conscious that week after week I write about something I find interesting, but I don’t know enough about you! We have such a broad range of customers from keen amateurs to Michelin starred restaurants that it seems high time we ask about you and your interests. Hopefully this will let us better focus what we do to suit you. If you are happy to, would you complete the anonymous survey by clicking on the button? It is really quick and easy to do and would be really helpful to us. It’s our first in almost 10 years so I...

  • Our Favourite Norwegian Baker

    I have a new favourite sourdough book. I spent Saturday with an amazing group of bakers, food writers and Martin Fjeld, half of the Norwegian baking duo Ille Brød and authors of their book “Sourdough” (originally Surdeig). The baking duo describe themselves as “two guys baking organic sourdough bread at home and in a micro bakery”. I am not sure that Martin could be much more laid back if he was lying down except when it comes to bread and sustainability when he springs to life bubbling with enthusiasm. Absolutely in...

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