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1kg Round Sunshine-Motif Brotform

Wood-fibre round brotform or banneton with a sunshine pattern to hold 1kg of artisan bread dough while proving, prior to baking.

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High quality bannetons, brotforms or proving baskets are an essential item for the artisan bread baker. They are used to support the dough while it rises (proves) to give it improved structure, just before it goes into the oven to bake.

Bannetons come in lots of shapes and sizes to suit the requirement or whim of the baker, allowing for lots of creativity. Our bannetons are top quality: they are made either from woven cane, which is traditional and should last a lifetime, or from compressed wood-fibre which is slightly less expensive, more varied in shape and will last many years.

Bannetons from cane or wood-fibre need only be dusted in flour (commonly rye) to prevent the dough from sticking, although a liner may be added to the cane ones, if desired. Between use, they should be stacked in a clean and dry place.

Just before it goes into the oven, the dough is tipped out of the banneton for baking and it is usual for a pattern to be cut into it for improved crust and enhanced appearance using a tool called a grignette (a handled lame or blade). You will find grignettes in our shop along with many other items for the artisan baker.

Banneton Specification 
Dough Capacity 1kg
Pattern Sunshine
Material Wood-fibre
Dimensions DxH (mm) approximate (external) 260 x 80
Dimensions DxH (mm) approximate (internal) 230 x 70