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500g / 1.1lb Round Cane Banneton

500g / 1.1lb cane round banneton or proving basket for bread bakers

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Bannetons or proving baskets are used to support the dough while it rises and just before it goes into the oven to bake it is tipped out and usually scored using a tool called a grignettes (a handled lame or blade) to control how the finished bread looks as it expands in the oven.

Banneton Specification
Dough Capacity

500g / 1.1lb



Internal Dimensions Diameter x Height:  19.5 x 7 cm (± 0.5cm) Measured at the top
External Dimensions Diameter x Height:

21 x 8.5 cm  (± 0.5cm) Measured at the top

Baking Comments:

Put the dough into the banneton for its final prove, dusting it with rye (or another non-wheat) flour to avoid sticking. If using a baking stone, gently tip the dough from the banneton onto a peel dusted with semolina flour and slide onto the baking stone. If you are using a La Cloche, tip the dough onto the La Cloche base, replace the dome and place in the oven.