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500g "Duc" Baking Basket 10-100pcs

Duc wooden baking mould from Panibois 175x110x60mm, made from poplar wood with lining paper. These moulds are designed for baking and presentation of breads and cakes and are fully biodegradable.

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As low as £7.04 £5.87
In stock
As low as £7.04 £5.87
In stock

Wooden baking mould from Panibois®, the "Duc" measures 175x110x60mm, suitable for doughs of 500g, made from Poplar, complete with shaped lining paper. These fully biodegradable moulds are designed for the baking and presentation of breads and cakes for friends and retail - and not just for bread: these are used for the display of various products in Harrods, including their shepherd's pies.. Panibois® baskets are designed for oven temperatures up to 240°C. 

A delicious malt loaf recipe using Duc moulds can be found here and an apricot loaf here.

If the baskets are needed for your hotel, restaurant, production bake or your baking classes, we can arrange to have them printed you (minimum is one case). Simply click on the quotation link and we will send you the details.