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Steenberg Organic Anise Seeds, 45g

Organic ground aniseed is a sweet spice that complements sweet baked goods really well, and is very commonly used in biscuits and cakes in Germany and Italy. 45g packed in a glass jar.

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Steenberg Organics

Organic aniseed powder is ground from the fruits of organic anise plants - often called anise seeds, they are actually the fruit of the anise plant, inside which there are two seeds. Anise has a mild, sweet liquorice flavour. The fruit, about the size of a pin head, are small, oblong and aromatic. Anise is a delicate, annual herb of the parsley family, which grows to 50cm tall (20 inches) and has feathery, flat, serrated leaves with a shape similar to the Italian flat parsley you get in the supermarkets.

The anise spice is harvested after the plant has flowered in late summer by picking the fruit heads and drying these in a warm, ventilated area with some direct sunlight; when dry, the heads are rubbed to separate the fruit from the flowers and then sieved.

Ingredients: organic anise