Ankarsrum Assistent Pizza Dough Mixer

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The Swedish Ankarsrum Assistent stand mixer is an amazing multi-purpose home mixer and is an ideal pizza dough mixer. It has a stylish and cutting-edge design with a powerful 1500W motor in its base capable of handling 5kg of dough. It works by rotating the bowl whilst its dough hook and roller attachments replicate hand-kneading motions. The sides of the bowl are kept clean and it doesn’t ‘walk’ across your work-surface which keeps noise to a minimum.

The attention to detail is phenomenal, the large 7-litre stainless steel bowl’s shape is perfect for techniques like four-folding: great for sourdough. It possesses gentle settings that ensure delicate doughs and cake mixes don’t get overworked. Its built-in timer stops mixing when the timer is done so you can leave it unattended. And it is surprisingly compact despite its capacity.

Above all, the Ankarsrum is a durable stand mixer for baking which you can expect to last 30 years. The main reason for this is because its unique design doesn’t strain the motor even when mixing or kneading dough in large quantities.

Invented in 1939, this Assistent mixer has evolved into a mixer for to delight bakers both in and out of Sweden, where it is still manufactured today. It is supplied with accessories for kneading and rolling dough, beating, whisking and more.

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