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How To: Make a Sekowa Baking Ferment Starter

How To: Make a Sekowa Baking Ferment Starter


Stage 1

20g Sekowa Special Baking Ferment Granules

220g lukewarm water

100g strong wholemeal flour

100g strong white flour

Stage 2

100g warm water (40°C)

150g strong wholemeal flour

150g strong white flour

Sekowa Baking Ferment can be used to make a batch of starter which will keep in your fridge for a couple of months, to be used up as you make bread. This is how you go about it.

Stage 1

Using a large (2-3 litre) bowl, add the Sekowa Special Baking Ferment granules to the water and stir, ensuring there are no lumps.

Mix in the wholemeal and white flour to form a slack dough using your trusty dough whisk!

Cover well (clingfilm) and leave somewhere warm for 12-18 hours.

After this time, the mixture will be bubbling.

Stage 2:

Stir the water and flours into the slack dough. The result will be somewhat stiffer.

Leave to stand somewhere warm for at least 5-10 hours.

The mixture will double in volume during this time, and from this stage onwards is ready to use. It will collapse down on itself - this is normal. Keep it in a covered or sealed container in your fridge for upto a couple of months, using it as required. You may see some clear, grey liquid appear at the top over time - just pour it away (Or stir it back in, if you prefer).