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Recipe: Stoate's Organic Stoneground Shortbread

Recipe: Stoate's Organic Stoneground Shortbread


200g Fairtrade Sugar
500g unsalted butter
750g Stoate's Plain Flour
1 tsp fine sea salt

As you can tell, I have an on going love affair with shortbread. Of course it is a treat with strawberries and cream, elevating a regular dessert into heavenly dessert but shortbread is also one of my favourite gifts to give. I actually used the Stoates flour accidentally. The flour was outstanding.  It’s the stoneground texture that gives this shortbread something extra crumbly and that melt in the mouth combined with crunch that makes them exceptionally good .  Do make a large batch and freeze some; whipped straight out of the freezer and baked and they really are perfect as a domestic ta daaa moment in an emergency. Just pop them into the oven from frozen and enjoy them as though nothing could be easier than rustling up some home baked shortbread in a jiffy.


1. Preheat the oven to 150°C/gas mark 2.

2. Cream the sugar with the butter until white and fluffy. This makes the shortbread light. Add the flour and salt and mix well before turning out on to a work surface. If the mix is too crumbly and won’t come together, add a teaspoon of water and remix. Roll out to about 1.5cm and cut the dough into the shapes you require.

3. Place the shortbread on a baking tray and bake for 18–20 minutes. Be warned: the colour at the end of cooking changes rapidly, so keep your eye on it.

4. Place on a wire rack to cool and sprinkle with a little more sugar to serve.