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  1. Liners for Panibois Baskets

    As low as USD$15.31 USD$12.76
  2. Pie Plate, 9"

    USD$3.83 USD$3.19
  3. Baguette Peel

    As low as USD$50.86 USD$42.38
  4. F950 Gourmet Wood-Fired Bread Oven

    As low as USD$3,080.02 USD$2,566.68

  5. F700 Marmiton Wood-Fired Bread Oven

    As low as USD$2,644.66 USD$2,203.88

  6. F800 Campagnard Wood-Fired Oven

    As low as USD$2,582.47 USD$2,152.06

  7. Professional Glazed 9" Pie Pan

    As low as USD$29.60 USD$24.67

  8. Farmhouse Loaf Tin, 4lb or 1800g, Non-Stick
    20% off

    Master Class Traditional Loaf Tin, 4lb or 1800g

    Old Price: USD$15.29 USD$12.25 USD$10.21
  9. Pandoro Cake Tin

    As low as USD$20.77 USD$17.31
  10. Peel Hanger

    USD$7.66 USD$6.38