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Grain Mills

Grain mills allow you to grind the grains yourself giving you the freshest bake possible. The satisfaction of baking a loaf from your own grain really is unbeatable. BakeryBits stocks the renowned KoMo grain mills with guaranteed quality milling of as much or as little as you want and with adjustable fineness.
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21 Items

  1. Granite Hand-Mill 22x35cm

    As low as USD$189.34 USD$157.78

  2. KoMo FlocMan - with FREE Grain

    As low as USD$485.90 USD$404.92

  3. KoMo FidiFloc - with FREE Grain

    As low as USD$552.47 USD$460.39

  4. KoMo Handmill - with FREE Grain

    As low as USD$264.49 USD$220.41

  5. KoMo Jumbo - with FREE Grain

    As low as USD$2,294.17 USD$1,911.81

  6. KoMo Fidibus XL - with FREE Grain

    As low as USD$632.34 USD$526.95

  7. KoMo PK1 - with FREE Grain

    As low as USD$479.24 USD$399.37

  8. KoMo Fidibus 21 - with FREE Grain

    As low as USD$352.78 USD$293.98

  9. KoMo Magic - with FREE Grain

    As low as USD$397.15 USD$330.96

  10. Mockmill 100

    USD$313.07 USD$260.89
  11. Mockmill 200

    USD$374.00 USD$311.67
  12. KoMo Sieve for Milled Flour

    As low as USD$17.08 USD$14.23
  13. Single Chamber Grain Store
    36% off

    KoMo Single Chamber Grain Store

    Old Price: USD$159.76 USD$101.86 USD$84.88
  14. Mockmill

    USD$291.74 USD$243.12
  15. KoMo Flocino Flaker

    USD$159.76 USD$133.13
  16. KoMo FlicFloc Flaker

    USD$179.71 USD$149.76
  17. KoMo Flour Sifter

    USD$199.68 USD$166.40
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21 Items