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All manner of baking equipment for the micro-bakery, domestic or home baker, restaurant and production bakery alike.

BakeryBits stocks the range of Panibois wooden baking baskets and is the UK distributor for some of the best commercial bakerware available, from Chicago Metallic.

Proving baskets, tins, trays, lames, couches proving cloths and flour tubs - everything the baker needs.

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  1. Farmhouse Loaf Tin, 4lb or 1800g, Non-Stick
    20% off

    Master Class Traditional Loaf Tin, 4lb or 1800g

    Old Price: USD$15.49 USD$12.41 USD$10.34
  2. Excalibur Food Dehydrator

    As low as USD$205.43 USD$171.19
  3. Assistent Original Food Mixer

    As low as USD$837.29 USD$697.74
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Items 121-150 of 285