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Utensils are there to make your baking life easier. Our wide range of utensils will no doubt benefit your baking experience. From scrapers to dough whisks to basic mixing bowls, we can satisfy any need for any level of baker.
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  1. Dough Scoring Knife or Lame

    As low as USD$2.46 USD$2.05
  2. KoMo Sieve for Milled Flour

    As low as USD$21.58 USD$17.98
  3. Flour Brush

    USD$8.77 USD$7.31
  4. Pizza Cutter

    As low as USD$20.34 USD$16.95
  5. Baker's Bread Knife

    As low as USD$12.28 USD$10.23
  6. Dough Whisk, Dark Handled

    As low as USD$11.15 USD$9.29
  7. Dough Whisk, Light Handled

    As low as USD$11.15 USD$9.29
  8. KoMo Flour Sifter

    USD$187.50 USD$156.25
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Items 1-30 of 36