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Flour is the core ingredient for your bake. We stock a really wide range of the very best flour, in lots of pack sizes, from artisan millers in the UK and Italy. There is something for every bake – and probably something new for you to try. Be sure to read the description for details of the texture, flavour and attributes of each flour.

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Organic Flour

Organic flour is milled from cereals grown without the application of fungicides, pesticides, herbicides or: it is grown using intelligent farming methods using nature. Almost all of our flour is milled from organically grown cereals. The full list or organic artisan flour can be viewed here.

Type 00 Flour

Italians grade their flours in terms of 0, 00 and so on. The notation describes the protein/gluten content so that 00 is stronger than 0 and so is suitable for bread, baguettes, croissants etc while 0 is better for cakes and biscuits (less protein and more elasticity). We have an excellent 00 from Mulino Marino used by bakeries, restaurants and home bakers across Europe, Soffiata 00.