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Bread For Life Flour

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Milled from a carefully selected blend of baking wheat including nutritious heritage varieties grown in Sussex.

Our wheat is grown in the South Downs National Park by Fred Wettern, our trusted third generation farmer. It contains a blend of over 50 varieties of 'heritage' wheats and rye, and is carefully milled by the Howell family at their water mill in Staffordshire. Our heritage grains are blended with 30-40% modern, chemical-free, British grown wheat to produce an all-purpose flour ideal for baking bread and pizza. Our combination of skills and commitment to quality means that our flour is healthier and tastier for you. Many experts believe that bread made from heritage grains is easier to digest, and our sustainable approach to wheat growing is better for the environment and flora and fauna. And because Bread for Life is a social enterprise, the profits are used to help those people living on the breadline and to support the preservation of ancient wheat varieties for our children's children. We grow. You bake. We donate.

We know that only through a combined collective effort between our core team, our supporters and our benefactors will Bread For Life achieve its aims. As individuals we are all passionate – as a team we are exceptional.

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Michael Hanson
The Baker
Michael was born to bake; a third generation Master Baker who stepped into his grandfather’s bake-house aged 7 and fifty years later still can't resist the smell of a warm loaf. He recently sold The Hearth in Lewes to set up Bread For Life. He teaches baking at the Heritage Bakery School, and is working with John Letts to create the Heritage Grain Alliance to encourage the growing of heritage grains in the UK. He also runs the Bread For Life mobile pizzeria.

John Letts
The Seed Man
John grew up on farms in rural Canada, and studied botany, environmental science and archaeobotany before becoming the leading figure in the heritage cereal movement in the UK. For 15 years he has grown heritage cereal varieties and developed mixed 'populations' of wheat on his small organic holding near High Wycombe. John also teaches at the Heritage Baking School, and is the director of the UK Heritage Grain Alliance. He is an enthusiastic ambassador for the grains that were grown and milled to produce the flour used in making our "daily loaf" hundreds of years ago.

Fred Wettern
The Farmer
Fred has been working on his family’s mixed farm in Sussex all of his life. He has been an invaluable and enthusiastic supporter of Bread For Life, generously offering us advice and land on which we can grow and experiment with heritage varieties.

David and Charles Howell
The Millers
David and his father Charles run Offley Mill on the River Sow in Staffordshire. The Howells have been milling grain since 1735, and use traditional methods to get the best from our historic grains.

Our flour is a gift from our ancestors. We grow and mill using methods that our great grandparents would recognise.

Stage 1 | Selecting grain
We are very fortunate to be able to grow a heritage wheat blend developed by John Letts of Heritage Harvest Ltd. John has been collecting ancient and heritage varieties of wheat from the UK and around the world for over 25 years. Our modern ‘landrace’ population contains over 50 different varieties and grows best without agri-chemicals and fertilisers. So not only do we take care of the land, we also make super healthy and nutritious flour.

Fred plants our crops on his farm near Lewes in the South Downs National Park in the late autumn, and harvests the golden grain the following August and September. We do not have to buy new seed because, like our ancestors, we retain a portion of the harvest to re plant every year, which means the crop gradually adapts to local growing conditions.

Stage 2 | Milling
Farmer Fred dries and cleans our grain before dispatching it to one of the oldest corn mills in the country. Father and son Charles and David Howell run Offley Mill, which has been operated by the Howell family for over 150 years. The Howells are very experienced millers, and David is the Chair of the UK Guild of Traditional Corn Millers.

Stage 3 | Bagging and labelling
Offley Mill have recently installed a bagging facility so we can now get flour straight from the mill in 1.5kg 3.5 kg and 25Kg bags. Ideal for all bakers, large or small.