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Enhance the crumb, colour and texture of your bake with small amounts of roasted malted flour in lots of shades or a jet black made from carbonised vegetables. Used in small amount these flours can greatly enhance the rich colour of your bake. The enzume-active malted flour Diax will naturally improve your crust and crumb while nuttimalt and malted wheat flakes will give your bake a beautifully malted chewiness.
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  1. Aroma Panettone Essential Oil

    As low as USD$8.73 USD$8.73
  2. Vital Wheat Gluten

    As low as USD$2.50 USD$2.50
  3. Diax - Diastatic Malt Flour

    As low as USD$2.10 USD$2.10
  4. Malted Wheat Flakes

    As low as USD$3.50 USD$3.50
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18 Items