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  • Ef Zin Greek Olives ready to eat

Ef Zin Greek Olives

Ef Zin Greek Olives

Our green olives are grown in Mikines and the black Kalamon olives are from Kalamata, specifically, a small village in souther Greece called Aetofolia ("Eagle's Nest). The climates are quite different and perfectly suited to their respective olives.

Almost all the olives are hand-picked in November and December each year to keep them from being damaged and from becoming bitter. They are then soaked in brine for 90 days before being packed with various herbs and spices - or simply roasted (our favourites at BakeryBits).

Ef Zin, Greek for wellbeing, is a company formed in 2012 to celebrate the best that Greece has to offer from its Mediterranean sunlight and soil.

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