Mockmill Flour Mills & Grain Mills

Mockmill Flour Mills


Affordable and compact, high quality countertop flour and grain mills enable everyone to easily mill nutritionally superior wholegrain flour, fresh in the kitchen. Whichever grain you choose you will get an incredible flavour and all the nutrients held in the grain’s germ as all the components of the grain is included, unlike roller-milled flour where the germ is removed to elongate shelf life.

Produce your own flour as and when you need it and just the way you like it.

The flour you produce from your Mockmill will be naturally fibre-rich with B-vitamins, vitamin E and minerals. You also have complete freedom to choose whether you would like fine flour, or a coarser result each time you use your Mockmill.

German engineering at its finest

Mockmills epitomise everything you would expect from German engineering. Their precision-engineered corundum-ceramic milling stones are ‘diamond’ hard (well almost…) and self-sharpening meaning that they should never wear out. Within every Mockmill is an electric motor made of the highest quality components and engineered to run smoothly, quietly, and to provide a long and maintenance-free life. The innovative Mockmill casing is made from renewable materials and the whole machine is very easy to clean.

Every standard Mockmill comes with a factory 6-year warranty on material and manufacturing defects for private use.

Why choose a Mockmill?

They are the perfect balance of power, compactness, sturdiness and affordability. Mockmill flour mills offer incredible scope to experiment with different flours and blends of flours in your baking as you are in complete control of what, and how much, you produce. You can find out more in our bespoke milling with Mockmill article by Dan Lepard.

What types of Mockmills can I buy?

Choose from the original Mockmill 100, capable of producing up to 100g of fine or coarse (adjustable) flour per minute or the Mockmill 200 which can produce 200g per minute.

All our tabletop Mockmills come with 3 FREE bags of 3kg organic grain* when you order your mill.

FAQ for Mockmill

Q: What can you mill in a Mockmill?

A: Seeds and grains that are not oily:

  • Grains (wheat, corn, buckwheat, oats, rice, millet, quinoa, rye, barley, spelt, ancient grains, heritage grains…),
  • Pulses (chickpeas, beans, peas, lentils…)
  • Spices (peppercorns, coriander seeds..)

Q: Can coffee be ground in a Mockmill?

A: No for two reasons: the coffee flavour will stay on the stones for some time and also the beans are a bit too oily.


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