BakeryBits Dough Scrapers, Cutters & Dividers

Scrapers, Cutters & Dividers

BakeryBits has dough scrapers, cutters, stamps and dividers for your bread baking work. Our dough scrapers are made for us and are an essential for artisan bread making for scraping dough from the work surface, from a mixing bowl and as an extension to you hand when working high hydration or wet doughs. Use cutters or stamps for giving shape to your pastry and dough or for slicing your pizzas.

Flexible Dough Scraper

Dough scrapers tend to be made from a fairly stiff but just flexible enough plastic so that they are ideal for clearing a bowl either on the straight side (for example bowls used in mixers) or using the curve (hand-mixing bowls) making it a doddle to get the last scraps of dough out. They're good for dividing dough too and for moving dough around a worktop. They're tough and one should last many years - hand or dish-wash, they don't mind.

Dough Cutter or Divider

Dough cutters generally have a very stiff blade compared with dough scrapers. Typically made from metal some are made from very stiff plastic too. They are great for scraping work-surfaces, picking up anything that is stuck, for cleaning baking surfaces such as pizza stones and for dividing dough when portioning for loaves, rolls or pizza bases.

Scrapers, Cutters & Dividers - a high quality range, we stock only what we like and have tried.
BakeryBits is the trusted supplier of artisanal bakery equipment and ingredients, there is no compromise on our Scrapers, Cutters & Dividers.