Bioreal Organic Baking Powder - 3x10g sachets

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Use this excellent aluminium-free organic baking powder in place of your supermarket non-organic equivalent in your favourite cake recipes. Baking powder starts to lose its vigour once exposed to the air, which is why this German product comes in handy 3x10g sachets to keep it really fresh. (It also comes in 1kg packs for the really keen baker!).

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Recipe: Annika Naish's (from Fika) - Swedish Scones

Recipe: Annika Naish's (from Fika) -  Swedish Scones
One thing I used to bake a lot in the 90s as a teenager and also in my early twenties when living abroad in Norway, Switzerland and Spain was Swedish Scones. They're not the same as English scones and are more akin to making soda bread, only we use baking powder instead of bicarbonate of soda. I have fond memories making them in the mornings, surprising family and friends to create freshly baked ... Read more

Dan Lepard's All Butter Scones

Dan Lepard's All Butter Scones
Though it may seem strange to be using a bread flour in something as light and delicate as a scone, it really helps to give the crumb lightness. What’s known as “plain flour” can be made from any quality of grain, better suited to making soft cookies and brownies, whereas strong flour requires the millers to buy and mill high-quality wheat which is what cake makers and bread ... Read more

The Best of British with Cheddar Cheese Scones

The Best of British with Cheddar Cheese Scones
Here’s an idea: when you make these flavour-packed cheddar cheese scones, try to bring together ingredients from all over Britain, or wherever you live. At BakeryBits we’ve championed small British producers for over a decade, and in this recipe you get to show off the best that independent millers, farmers and artisans offer. Because the scones have lots of wholegrain flour, cheese ... Read more