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Black Iron 1lb or 500g Loaf Tin

Black iron 1lb or 500g loaf tin pre-seasoned with flax oil. Very durable and beautifully crafted, this is an heirloom tin designed and made in the heart of England with quality in mind.

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Netherton Foundry

Netherton Foundry, based in Shropshire in the heart of England, combines the beauty of hand-crafted bakeware with professional performance.
This 1lb / 500g black iron loaf tin is ideal for a crusty loaf of course, but it is versatile and can be used for  teabreads, cakes, meat loaf, terrines and pates. 
The tin weighs 0.470kg and has Internal dimensions of 20cm long x 10cm wide x 5.5cm high.. 
The tins are pre-seasoned with Sussex flax oil for a completely natural finish (no chemical coatings), these loaf tins are designed for everyday use and will get better the more they are used. The coating can be  restored as needed time after time. 
Made with 99.1% pure iron with sturdy brass rivet, they are highly durable and suitable for high temperatures, resisting warping and buckling.
Perfect for all ovens including ranges, electric, gas, and wood fired.
Each tin is supplied with a recipe sheet for a white, brown and wholemeal loaf created specially for Netherton Foundry loaf tins by 5th generation Master Baker, Robert Swift of Shropshire along with instructions for greasing and seasoning the pans.