The Prior's Flour at Foster's Mill

Jon Cook at the mill
The Prior’s Flour comprises a delicious range of stoneground organic flours milled, where possible, by wind power at Fosters Mill, Swaffham Prior. Sourcing local, premium quality organic grain, master miller, Jonathan Cook crafts a range of artisan flours for the discerning professional and amateur baker. The flours are milled using horizontal French burr stones which preserve the natural nutrition and vitamin content of the grain. The flours are sold from the mill, by mail order and through a number of outlets in the Cambridgeshire area. Fosters Mill is over 160 years old and stands on a site where mills have worked since the times of Domesday. By purchasing our products, you are helping to safeguard this historic listed mill for future generations and keeping it doing the job for which it was intended – producing the best quality artisan flours from local grain.