Brazier's Altitude House Blend, 220g, Filter Grind Coffee

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Brazier's flagship blended coffee Altitude uses a selection of fresh crop single origin coffee beans from Brazil, Rwanda and Ethiopia. The high proportion of natural-processed coffee creates its characteristic boozy qualities. A lighter roast style ensures fine, crisp acidity and sweetness.

Taste Notes: caramel, red berry, clementine

Grind: Filter Grind

Packaging: 220g pouch.





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Recipes and Guides

Tiramisu Chocolate Carrot Cake

Tiramisu Chocolate Carrot Cake
A delicious and fun take on the usual Valentine’s Day dessert so loved around the world. I’ve left alcohol out of the recipe, but if you like you could spoon a little marsala and rum over the warm cake when it’s fresh from the oven, so it soaks in. Makes one 6” or 7” round cake, our Chicago Metallic tins are perfect for this.Method 1. Butter the inside of a 6” ... Read more

Dark Mocha Chocolate Cake with Fudge Frosting

Dark Mocha Chocolate Cake with Fudge Frosting
A very simple, utterly delicious rich mocha chocolate cake with a great coffee flavour thanks to Brazier's Altitude House Blend coffee, and an intense chocolate flavour. I've baked this in our Chicago Metallic Unglazed Professional Sponge Cake Tin (20cm/8-inch diameter), especially good as it's 5cm (2 inches) deep so it can bake a generous thick layer of cake easily.Method Line the base of a deep ... Read more

Recipe: Extra-Special Tiramisu...and extra easy

Recipe: Extra-Special Tiramisu...and extra easy
Tiramisu is the most famous Italian dessert, and such a classic I only wanted to enhance it gently. Great coffee, like BakeryBits range of Brazier's Coffee, has many complex flavours depending on the region it’s grown in, the bean varieties used, different altitudes and climates, farming methods, roasting techniques, so many factors. And one flavour I taste in some is a maltiness, so I ... Read more
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