Bun Buster Bundle, with Equipment
Bun Buster Bundle, with Equipment

Bun Buster Bundle, with Equipment

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You want the essentials and tools for light extra-soft rolls and buns, and we’ve got’em. SAVE 15%* with our bundle of the very best hard-to-find ingredients and equipment to help give you the lightest, softest buns in town. Perfectly suited for you to make Dan Lepard's Soft Light Bread Roll recipe here.**

If you want the simple Bun Buster Kit without equipment, get it here.

This summer no matter what you need soft bread for, from BBQ buns to Hot Dog Rolls to Extra-Soft Sandwich Bread, we’ve got what you need.

In this kit you get the TOP SEVEN essentials to give you extra-light bread, buns and rolls:

Saf Levure Osmotolerant Active Dried Yeast, 500g

If you’re making an enriched dough, with extra sugar especially, then this yeast type is perfect as well as for your everyday baking. I use it as my everyday yeast: for brioche, croissants, doughnuts, even hot cross buns, so many uses.

Marriage's Very Strong 100% Canadian White Bread flour, 1.5kg

An exceptional very high quality white bread flour that will help your bread rise higher, get better aeration, and overall supercharge your baking. Perfect for pizza making, and mixing with wholemeal flour for a great sandwich bread.

BakeryBits Diax diastatic malt flour, 100g

Malt helps flour colour quickly in the oven and toast well when sliced. Pizza too is great with a little malt added so that it takes on a delicious golden colour and flavour around the crust just as the cheese is melting and bubbling on top. Add a tablespoon to your favourite chocolate cake or brownie recipe from a great choc malt flavour.

Saltan Himalayan Super-Fine (c0.03mm) Pink Rock Salt, 400g

The salt many chefs swear by, and now available to you. The pink colour is created by essential minerals like iron & potassium in the salt crystal, and is utterly unprocessed. Some people swear it has a heightened salty flavour, but all I know for certain is that it’s delicious.


Chicago Metallic Professional 1/4 size sheet pan

A professional-quality sturdy baking tray, with a lipped edge, known in the USA as a “sheet pan” as it’s also great for baking thin “sheet cakes” that can be sliced, layered or rolled. Chicago Metallic are one of the worlds top baking tray manufacturers.

Dough Box, 41.5x31.5cm & Dough Box lid, 41.5x31.5cm

Keep your dough safe from drafts that might dry the surface, and warm while they rise. This is another sturdy piece of equipment that will last you years (with careful use).

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl, 36cm

A Professional stainless-steel mixing bowl with a flat bottom for work-top stability and a rolled rim for comfort when lifting, it’s light and strong, stackable and dishwashable.

*compared to buying the ingredients separately

** kit does not include: yoghurt, egg, milk, honey, caster sugar, butter, oil

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