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Carbon or Charcoal Powder (Farina di Carbone)

Buy 10 of more 1kg tubs for an 11% discount Carbon flour or powder (Farina di Carbone) is a popular vegetable-based fine black powder for striking, black bakes such as pizza bases or stripy pasta.

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As low as USD$7.76 USD$7.76
In stock
As low as USD$7.76 USD$7.76
In stock

A very fine gluten-free, odourless and tasteless powder made from fruit, vegetables and edible plants to make a jet black colouring for your bakes from pizzas to focaccia, biscuits and crackers. Simply add carbon powder or charcoal flour (Farina di Carbone) with your flour and make your dough as usual. Allow 1tsp per 500g flour. Specialist bakers suggest that that their black bakes using carbon flour are softer and their customers like it because they find that it aides digestion. The Vegetable Charcoal E153 is authorised under Regulation (EC) No 1333/2008 for use as a food colouring substance. The EU has a long-standing regulation banning the colouring of bread. Oddly, other bakes such as cakes, biscuits, pizzas and focaccia are fine. So, commercial use of this product in a bread does not comply with this regulation like any colouring of bread. This appears to be the case because the use of carbon in this way is more recent than the regulation and so it is considered novel and therefore outside the regulation.