Carbon or Charcoal Powder (Farina di Carbone) - Make Your Bake Black

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Carbon or charcoal powder is a very fine gluten-free, odourless and tasteless powder made from fruit, vegetables and edible plants to make a jet black colouring for your bakes from pizzas to focaccia, biscuits and crackers. Simply add carbon powder or charcoal flour (Farina di Carbone) with your flour and make your dough as usual. Allow 1tsp per 500g flour. Specialist bakers suggest that that their black bakes using carbon flour are softer and their customers like it because they find that it aides digestion.

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Black Ciabatta Burgers With Crispy Coated Halloumi

Black Ciabatta Burgers With Crispy Coated Halloumi
I really like the contrast made between the jet black ciabatta burger buns topped with contrasting sesame seeds, and the deep yellow crispy-coated halloumi, topped with a spicy sauce - they are fun to make and are a tasty treat for a Halloween night. The buns are soft and airy - softer still with the addition of the carbon powder -  and sprinkled with sesame seeds for a little contrast and ... Read more

Molini Spigadoro's Jet-Black Brioche

Molini Spigadoro's Jet-Black Brioche
Make 6 jet black brioches for a bit of fun - why not make some with and some without the carbon powder for an interesting mix!   Mix the flour with carbon powder, dried yeast, sugar and vanilla powder then mix in eggs, honey, milk and rum. Knead by hand for about ten minutes or using a mixer for 2-3 minutes, then add the butter cut into pieces and knead again until it is completely ... Read more
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