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Chicago Metallic Bakeware

Chicago Metallic Bakeware UK

At Bakery Bits, we are proud to be a Chicago Metallic Bakeware UK supplier. Whether you want to create a cake for a special occasion or you need a premium quality muffin tray, our Chicago metallic bakeware collection is guaranteed to please.

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Food writer and journalist Rose Prince describes Chicago Metallic:

"These beautiful Chicago Metallic tins are tomorrow’s heirlooms. They are professional, deep heavy tins that have a superb finish to them and the end result is that your cakes, muffins and bread are much moister – which is what every baker wants. They are a bit more expensive than ordinary tins but that said I’m a firm believer in buying really good quality equipment that will last a lifetime."

Source: www.roseprince.co.uk

Cake Pans, Tins and Trays

It is our mission to save you time and money on your search for the very best baking equipment. We handpick equipment from only the best brands to bring you the very best selection of products for your perusal.

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  • Chicago Metallic Pans
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  • Chicago Metallic Trays

Heavy duty bakeware is our speciality so if you need help deciding on the best product to meet your needs, we can help. Get in touch with a member of our team right away.

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Our Chicago Metallic Bakeware collection is a welcome addition to any kitchen and we are thrilled to bring you professional baking equipment for all levels of ability. Shop online for tins, trays and pans and take advantage of our speedy deliver service today.

  1. Chicago Metallic Unglazed Professional Sponge Tin
    43% off

    Chicago Metallic Unglazed Professional Sponge or Cake Tin

    As low as £7.80 £6.50 Regular Price £13.79
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