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Commercial Coated 2lb Farmhouse Tin

A farmhouse loaf tin designed and manufactured for the bakery industry. This is the 2lb (800g) version of the tin commonly used in supermarket and production bakeries for their farmhouse-style loaf. These ones have been coated in a very tough material making it suitable for 2000 releases without needing to grease the pan.

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This commercial coated 2lb (800g) farmhouse tin (measuring 23x14x7.5cm) is the type used to make the standard loaves in supermarket bakeries. Normally only available to production bakeries, these tins are tough, formed from a single piece of deep-drawn 0.8d x25 alusteel (steel with a think coating of aluminium). These robust tins have been PTFE non-stick coated inside and out (to FDA standards, the strictest in the world) to give 2000 releases (tipping out the baked bread) with no need to oil first.

To avoid scratching the coating, the tins should not be scoured, stacked or dishwashed. Between use they may need to be wiped but no more than that.