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Commercial Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

The F1030 commercial wood-fired pizza oven for restaurants and vans from Four Grand-Mère is a popular choice for pizza whether baking under bricks and mortar or from a van.

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The F1030 wood-fired pizza oven from Four Grand-Mère is carefully designed and manufactured to the same high standard found in all models from this French company with over 3 decades of experience.

The F1030 can be installed either in a pizza restaurant or in a vehicle, using the extra binding straps. It is cleverly designed to be wide and low for a maximum hearth with minimum fuel requirement. The hearth, made from the same steel-fibre ("chamotte") volcanic concrete is made in three pieces to allow for small movements expected in vehicle installations. Vehicle fits tend to have the drop-on cover since it is neat and light-weight. This is an option for a restaurant too, although you may elect to cover your oven with your own render or stonework.

Use this oven with one chef and the throughput should be 30-45 30cm/12" pizzas per hour. 2 chefs bring the throughput up to 50 per hour.

We have, with our fabricators, installed the 1030 in vehicles before and would be happy to give you a quotation for your vehicle installation, contact us. We can supply your flue requirements very competitively, let us know what you need and we will send you a quotation.