Steenberg Organic Coriander Seeds, 35g

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Organic coriander seeds (35g in a glass jar), are essential for any kitchen cupboard with its mild lemony flavour. When ripe, organic coriander seeds have a distinctive sweet lemony flavour that is popular in Indian cooking, as well as in German cooking for pickling and even breads and beer. Use them spiced bread rolls such as those in the Book of Buns.

The coriander seeds are small and almost spherical, 5mm in diameter and have 12 characteristic ribs that run lengthways down these spheres. Coriander seeds fall into 2 categories - the Asia Minor seeds are light-tan to pale-brown and have a lemony aroma and taste; the Indian seeds are smaller, often darker brown, and taste less of citrus and more sage-like and herby in flavour. Toasting them accentuates the citrus notes, plus adds a certain nuttiness to their character.

Rub coriander powder into pork or ham for some simple added flavour, or create your own rub from coriander, pepper, salt and maybe some honey for a simple but wonderful glaze. 

Ingredients: Organic coriander

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