DeSh~Stoom Oven Steamer for a Crusty Loaf

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Get an extra crusty crust with the novel DeSh~Stoom steam dish, perfect for quickly filling your oven with steam at exactly the time it is needed. Pre-heated with your oven, simply fill with tap water when ready to bake. The DeSh~Stoom will evaporate the water fast - typically in 4 to 5 minutes to fill your oven.

Avoid the risk of pouring boiling water into your oven tray or into a glass bowl which can crack and get the steam produced right away, rather than too late in the baking process.

We really like this simple device at BakeryBits because it is highly effective. It absorbs heat and has it ready like a coiled spring so that the water poured into it steams your oven quickly. It is designed for use for bakers not using a La Cloche or other covered baker.


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