Dried Malt Extract DME (Spraymalt), 500g

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Spraymalt is a dried malt extract (DME) supplied in a 500g pouch. It is made from the finest 2-row barley, and is an excellent sugar replacement for those that would like to avoid refined sugars. This malt extract, available in a choice of three shades gives a lovely subtle malty flavour in buns and cakes. Of course, there is plenty of scope for experimentation! Add some to your millionaire's shortbread caramel or you your malt loaf recipe.

Dried malt extract is used in American-style milk shakes, or "malts". It works well in milk drinks - try a spoonful added to a flavoured milkshake for an enhanced fruity flavour.

Spraymalts are fine powder dried malt extracts. Drying is achieved by the use of a spray-drier, a process which produces particularly uniform powders both in terms of particle size and flavour. Spraymalts offer several benefits: a rich malty flavour, a natural colouring medium, a valuable source of fermentable sugars and may be used to replace liquid extracts.

Allergens: For allergens including gluten please see the ingredients highlighted in bold

Ingredients: Barley

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