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Exmoor Wildflower Honey, 330g

Exmoor wildflower honey is the result of spring-to-autumn wilderness forage on beautiful Exmoor. Nectar and caramels open into a long succession of flowers with a pleasing silkiness.

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This remarkable honey, awarded a Great Taste Award in 2017, comes from the rugged environment of Exmoor. Combining spring, summer and early autumn forage from wildflowers, flowering trees (such as hawthorn, chestnut & lime) and a little bit of the moorland heather crop, it has a silky texture and an exciting layering of robust florals. These unfold gradually on the palate.

The honey is supplied in an attractive 330g jar. The honey is cold extracted and filtered to preserve the delicate flavours. Raw honey may naturally crystalise over time which changes the texture but not the flavour. To return it to liquid, loosen the lid and stand the jar in hot water.