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Flax Oil for Re-Seasoning Ironware, 100mL

A natural, organic, cold pressed flax oil for maintaining the hardwearing, protective finish on your spun iron cloche.

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Netherton Foundry

Any piece of spun iron baking equipment needs a little looking after. This very lovely flax seed oil is perfect for maintaining the lovely black, glossy protective layer on a cloche. To re-season your cloche, simple put a small amount of the oil (you really don’t need much) on a piece of kitchen roll or other disposable cloth, and gently wipe around the inside. I don’t always bother to wipe the outside of the cloche, although on the odd occasion I do give it a light smear. But I do especially take care to maintain the inside. A light coating of oil helps to prevent rust from developing and maintains the cloche in optimal condition.

The flax is grown and pressed on a farm in West Sussex. The oil comes in 100mL brown bottle protected by a heavy duty cardboard box. It is best stored in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.

It really is worth spending a little time maintaining your cloche and, of course, and other cast iron goods. With a little care, they will outlast you!