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Flexible Dough Scraper

Dough scraper ideal for artisan bread bakers, made from stiff but flexible plastic, an essential for working with dough

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This dough scraper or spatula (143x103mm) is made from stiff plastic and so kind on your work-surfaces and easy to maintain, yet stiff enough to make moving dough off a surface and scraping stuck dough easy. If desired, particularly when developing a wet dough, it can be incorporated into the kneading process, to lift the dough from the surface.

This dishwashable scraper is an essential item for the artisan baker and will be used every time you bake.

For baking schools and retailers, we can supply you with scrapers in a choice of colours and with your logo on. If you would like to know more, please request a quotation via the quotation button on this page.


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