BakeryBits Flexible Dough Scraper (Red)

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Once you have a scraper, you can't go back. It means no more trying to scrub dough off of your bowl, the work-surface, and your hands. No more surfaces covered by lost bits of flour and sticky dough when kneading. No more trying to pick bits of dough off of already doughy fingers. Instead a scraper is the perfect tool for moving dough between kneading and proofing, and to the oven. It can be used to lift dough from the work surface, when kneading a wet dough, and to scoop together bits of dough and flour when you're done.

This dough scraper or spatula is made from stiff enough plastic to move dough off of a surface, to knead wet dough, and for clearing away bits of stuck dough or flour, whilst being flexible enough that it can be bent to the shape of a bowl, and will not damage your work-surfaces.

You really will use one every time you bake!

In red with our BakeryBits logo.

Scrapers are dish-washable and come in 143x103mm.

For scrapers with custom shapes and logos please contact us.

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