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Foricher Les Moulins French Flour
View Foricher Flour Foricher Les Moulins founder, Yvon Foricher is a 7th generation miller. He started the business in 1997 with the aim of producing high quality flours for artisan bakers. “Consistency and excellence are essential” he says.

French Flour FAQs Foricher Les Moulins specialises in working with French-grown grain to make the very best French flour. Yvon recognises that one of the major factors in producing high quality flour is the quality of the grain. The company was one of the founding members of a sustainable alliance of growers and millers in France. This ensures that the whole process, from sowing the seed to harvesting and storing the crop, is carefully regulated so that the farmers are growing great quality of the grain while protecting the environment. Encouraging biodiversity is a key part of the agricultural practices used under this scheme.

There are three mills in the Foricher family, one in the east of the country, one in central France and the third, the most recent acquisition, near Paris. Each of the mills works closely with both farmers and bakers in the region. Through the years they have developed deep relationships with the local growers, and through these they are able source the very best grains for their flours. Wheat varieties are selected for their specific characteristics. Some are grown especially for the Foricher millers. Once harvested, the grain is stored in a carefully controlled environment, to ensure it remains in perfect condition without the need for any additional pesticides.

Between them the mills now produce around 40 different types of flour. The milling process is based on traditional techniques and generations of experience. During milling, the different varieties of grain are blended to create flours with superior and consistent baking properties. The range of flours includes some specifically for pastries and viennoiseries, as well as a wide range of bread flours.
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