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Mulino Marino Mill Flour
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The Mulino Marino activity began in the mid 1950s when the founding father, Felice Marino, learned that there was a small mill for sale in the town of Cossano Belbo, complete with the original mill stones and rollers. Fascinated by the milling activity, he decided to buy it. Together with his wife and her parents, he began to produce a range of flours.

Mulino Marino - Artisan Grain Mill Flour Most varieties of our flour are stone ground and all are additive free. All types "0" and "00" are fed through a cylinder mill for extra fineness.

Mulino Marino uses traditional milling techniques together with the latest laboratory techniques to control flour quality. Before any grain is bought, Mulino Marino carries out a series of tests to evaluate the quality to ensure that only the best is selected. When brought to the mill, the grain is cleaned and stored in cool conditions and before it is milled the grain is cleaned again to ensure that all impurities are removed.

The milling itself at Mulino Marino is powered by a 100kW solar panel array located at the mill, making their flour organic and sustainably milled.
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