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Organic flour is milled from cereals grown without the application of fungicides, pesticides, herbicides or: it is grown using intelligent farming methods using nature. Almost all of our flour is milled from organically grown cereals. The full list or organic artisan flour can be viewed here.
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  1. The Priors Organic Spelt Flour

    As low as USD$14.21 USD$14.21
  2. Organic Type "0" Flour

    As low as USD$3.35 USD$3.35
  3. Organic Buratto Type 2 Flour

    As low as USD$5.48 USD$5.48
  4. Organic PandiSempre Flour

    As low as USD$6.76 USD$6.76
  5. Organic Sapori Antichi Flour

    As low as USD$8.89 USD$8.89
  6. Stoate's Organic Plain Flour

    As low as USD$4.32 USD$4.32
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Items 1-30 of 158