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Food for Thought by Vanessa Kimbell - signed copy

Vanessa's inspiring book turns classics into ethical and sustainable dishes that look and taste good, of course, but also benefit the producers and environment.

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Golspie LoafBeautifully photographed and printed, a book that is sure to get you turning its pages to see what surprises follow. Vanessa has taken classics and given then not only an ethical but a taste twist. From salads thorugh curries and breads this book is stunning with insights into the way some foods are commonly sourced and the problems they present, along with easy ways to make sure that your cooking benefits the producers and does not harm the environment.

We had an advance copy of this book and the "ooh" and "ahh" responses from family members told us that this is a book that we need to stock.





Publisher's Note

Inspired by ethically sourced, sustainable ingredients available from the average supermarket, Vanessa shows how what you cook can make a real difference to those who produce it and to the environment.

Recipes are simple, unfussy and easy to cook at home – making everyday classics ethical and sustainable – with chapters focusing on Basics, Getting Ahead in the Kitchen, Simple Suppers, Feeding Children, Leisurely Weekend Food and Special Occasions. Let Vanessa inspire you to adapt the way you cook and change the world one delicious bite at a time..

‘She’s an enthusiast, a delighter in life’s most civilised pleasure, and a grown-up who’s retained a child-like wonder at the mysteries of the world.’ – Sheila Dillon