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Fourneau Cast-Iron Bread Oven v.2.0

Free shipping on this productThe Fourneau Bread Oven v.2.0 is an amazing piece of equipment for baking bread. Designed and manufactured in USA and made from cast-iron, it is very robust and beautifully made. Bake your loaves in this oven to give the best golden crust.

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The Fourneau Bread Oven 2.0 is the ultimate tool to help you make the most beautiful and most delicious loaf of bread at home. Made by Strand Design, The Fourneau 2.0 is a cast iron bakeware system that turns your home oven into a bread oven.

The Forneau bread oven is made in three pieces (base, top and door) from cast-iron and weighs in at 12.7kg. This means that it can absorb plenty of heat and radiate it evenly over the dough inside, while the door ensures that steam is contained thereby giving the ideal conditions for well-baked bread with a golden crust. Further, the robust construction makes it able to handle additional steam being introduced without fear of cracking.

We've been trialling one of these for many months to bake 1kg oval loaves (we use the heavy-duty ones) and absolutely love it. The quality of production is excellent and the performance unbeatable.

Each kit comes with the Fourneau, the cast iron removable handle, the plateau baking tray, silicone baking mat, and our detailed instruction and recipe guide — everything you need to get started making your best bread ever.



  • Measurements (max external): 14.8 x 9.6 x 4.7" or 37.6 x 24.38 x 12cm
  • Weight: 28lbs (12.7kg)
  • Materials: Pre-seasoned cast-iron with peel made from aluminium with silicone mat.

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