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Ground Ginger, Fairtrade and Organic, 42g

The flavour of organic Fairtrade ginger powder is that classic warm and spicy taste found in home-made ginger biscuits - sweet, spicy, warming and hints of citrus coming through in the best harvests. 42g, Fairtrade and organic.

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Organic Fairtrade Ginger is grown by traditional farmers in Sri Lanka where it is hand-processed to create this wonderfully fresh smelling and tasting organic Fairtrade ginger powder. The ginger root is normally called a ginger "hand" with "fingers" running off it. These are peeled and dried to create the powdered ginger that we know and love. The aroma and flavour of organic Fairtrade ginger is sweet and pungent with a powerful bite that gets to the back of the nose, there is also a definite lemony freshness. 42g packed into a glass jar.