IGF Fornitalia 3100/Minima 5/MI 7L (5kg) Spiral Mixer-Red

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The IGF Fornitalia 3100/Minima 5kg specialised dough mixer in RED is a very robust, beautifully made and compact mixer, the result of over 40 years of experience developing machines and working with chefs to produce mixers that are made with very high quality components, without compromise: these are the Rolls-Royce of dough mixers.

How to spot mixer quality:

The mixers, all with 7 litre capacity and available in four colours, are solidly made for reliable mixing of pizza and bread doughs. IGF Fornitalia mixers are made without compromise on quality. For example:

  • The motors used are plated (branded and with specification), quality devices made in Italy, not cheap unbranded imports found on some other mixers.
  • The transmission system (driving the bowl and spiral arm) use oil bath reduction gearboxes for long, reliable life rather than a cheaper option of using sprockets and toothed rubber belt which will degrade over time.
  • The IGF Fornitalia mixer has been designed for slow bowl rotation and faster spiral rotation to reduce the mixing time. This is achieved through very high quality bearings, again for long, reliable performance and optimal mixing.


  • Both strong design and quiet operation (max 60dB), thanks to compact design.
  • Double reduction gearbox with oil bath for independent drive of the bowl and hook.
  • Small head design for easier cleaning.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel grill with anti-drip shape to allow for additional ingredients to be added while mixing.
  • Speed control between 83 and 193rpm.
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