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Making Bread Together

Inspire children to learn about ingredients, good food and the joys of baking with Emmanuel Hadjiandreou’s easy‐to‐follow guide to making bread.

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In Making Bread Together, Emmanuel offers all sorts of recipes for children to make with their parents, grandparents or friends. In the Getting Started chapter you will find some background information on ingredients, essential kitchen equipment, and on growing your own sourdough starter, or you can dive straight into the recipes. Try a dead-easy overnight sandwich loaf; ciabatta ready to be turned into sandwiches; brioche-based hot dogs for a lunchbox; banana bread for tea; pitta pockets that expand in the oven before your very eyes; and breadsticks for dunking into dips. Along the way, there are fun activities to teach children about wheat and flour, show them how yeast works, and explain how to look after sourdough like a pet, among others. Pub Date: 10 April 2014 ISBN: 978 1 84975 485 9 RRP Price: £16.99 Binding: HB Extent 144 pages llustrations c.350 colour

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