Matthews French T55 Belle Blanc Baguette Flour

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A French bread making flour using 100% French wheat for an authentic product. This T55 Belle Blanc bread flour is ideal for making delicious baguettes with the fine airy texture identical to baguettes from France.

1.5kg and 16kg bags.

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Recipe: Picture Perfect Pumpkin Bread

Recipe: Picture Perfect Pumpkin Bread
Having some fun with your baking is always a good idea and getting a great result that tastes as good as it looks is what its all about. I love soup and not just for the autumn, but when the pumpkins are in season I stock up the freezer with homemade soup to see me through the winter. While pumpkin soup making I had some leftover roasted pumpkin chunks which I added to a simple bread recipe and ... Read more

What is… the T-system for categorising French flour

What is… the T-system for categorising French flour
Confused about these numbers in the names of many French flours: from T45 up to T150?  Then find out here just what the French T-system for grading flour is all about.Choose the flour that’s right for what you want to bake…ideal for baguettes:Matthews French T55 Belle BlancA great general-purpose baguette flour, with excellent elasticity and stretch with low stickiness. The wheat ... Read more

Heart-shaped ficelle - crunchy thin baguettes

Heart-shaped ficelle - crunchy thin baguettes
Ficelle are very thin baguettes, crisp and so delicious, and here I’ve made them into heart-shaped rolls: they’re still long, thin and crisp but with an angled cut in the middle I was able to shape them into heart-shaped rolls that are sweet to look at, and so good to eat. The great flavour and crunch is really all down to using a type of French flour known as T55, and the Cotswold ... Read more
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