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Modernist Bread by Nathan Myhrvold

A phenomenal work by one of the Microsoft founders Nathan Myhvold, throwing his energies into his life-long interest in baking bread to produce this comprehensive work on all aspects of bread baking, using his technological skills to test theories and practices in a scientific way. Learn what really makes your bread rise!

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Modernist Bread is a sumptuous and indulgent work for those wanting to know everything about the baking of bread, and what is behind some of the myths and received wisdom - if anything. Using his extensive laboratory in Seattle, Nathan has scientifically tested various notions, such as using raisins to start sourdough, testing the theory that the shards of bran in wholemeal flour prevents it from rising as much as a white loaf (by trying a bake containing glass!) through to finding that a little kiwi juice improves bread volume. This is an extremely weighty work over 5 volumes, full of amazing photography and insights.