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Mulino Marino Organic Dried Mista (Mixed) Pasta, 500g

Mulino Marino organic dried mista (mixed) pasta is made from stone-ground Senatore Cappelli durum wheat to make a golden pasta with good resistance (chewiness) and flavour - suitable for a wide range of pasta dishes.

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Mulino Marino organic dried mista (mixed) pasta in a 500g bag is made from a 100% organic, low gluten variety of durum wheat, Senatore Cappelli, grown in the hills of the Piedmont and Le Marche regions of Italy and then stone-ground to make a golden pasta with accentuated flavour and high resistance which is ideal for high quality pasta. A delicious pasta that by Italian law can't be called pasta! Although made from top quality durum wheat, Italian law says that pasta must be made with durum semolina - a very restrictive rule that makes it difficult for producers to make artisan and interesting pasta varieties like these. Use the mista (mixed) pasta for example in a potato and vegetable or fish soup - although as with most pasta, it can be used in a wide variety of dishes.