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Ndali Fairtrade Organic Vanilla 6 Powder

Six Ugandan Fairtrade organic vanilla pods (13g) with notes of smoky dates, honey, musk and butterscotch ground to a fine powder, bursting with vanilla seeds. Nothing else.

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'I really liked the powdered vanilla... it does taste different to me - warmer, spicier, somehow.  Delicious.' Xanthe Clay, food columnist for the Daily Telegraph Weekend

Ndali Vanilla 6 Powder (13g) is 'everything vanilla bean' - skin, seeds, fleshy pulp - finely milled. Six Fairtrade organic vanilla beans milled in one pot. It is 100% pure: no sugar, no gum, no carrier, no fibre. It can be used as a very high-grade replacement for vanilla paste which is made with dried vanilla extract to which bulking and cheapening ingredients have been added.

Add to smoothies, custards, ice cream, stewed fruit, drop scones and biscuit recipes; put a pinch in salt, sugar, whipped cream, dressings and sauces. It is unbelievably handy to be able to pick up a pinch and chuck it in your cooking and not have to grapple with a whole bean; the tiniest pinch is even great in salad dressings and gravies to give depth and warmth. And a bigger pinch in creamy soups - like leek and potato, or pumpkin.


How to use it: one pot of Vanilla 6 Powder contains six teaspoons of powder. 

1 teaspoon is equivalent to one extra strong vanilla pod. 

Use 1/4 - 1tsp in any recipe requiring vanilla pods, extract or flavour


Much of the flavour of the vanilla bean is in the skin, and not in the seeds alone. When using a whole bean it can be hard to capitalise on this - for example, if you are making custards or panna cottas where the bean doesn't get long to infuse, versus a slow bake. A good vanilla powder like this is the most versatile and potent way to use pure vanilla, and gives the wonderful visual effects of the seeds, unlike with most vanilla extracts.  

Tip: when using at low temperatures, or uncooked (for example its great in cake icings), beware of using too much - its strong! Start with a few small pinches, you can always add more. When baking cakes use the same proportions as called for in the recipe for vanilla extract. Where possible add towards the end of cooking to retain the top notes.

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