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Long Handled Woven Basket

Vanessa of The Sourdough School says: I have used these baskets for decades. I love them. They are useful on every count, from a laundry basket to a swimming basket all the way through to, of course, a beautiful shopping basket when I go to the market.

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I first started using them in South West France, and you would find, at every big market, a stall that simply sells baskets. Every French woman had a basket that is an essential part of the household, for all of their shopping. The handles are long so you can sling it over your shoulder and it can take some weight. It has this lovely French stylish look. Often they would be made in Morocco. They had something chic about them. Whenever I take mine shopping whether it be to a farmers market or a supermarket I always get comments on them. Recently for the past few years people see my baskets hanging up on the back of the door in the School and they always comment on how gorgeous they are. So I have finally decided to put the exact same ones I use for sale so that anyone else, who loves to go to the farmers market and buy all those fabulous things to eat with their sourdough, can enjoy using these baskets as much as I do.


Vanessa sourced this hand made basket from her favourite ethical brand Nkuku, who have supported her in the past after the publication of her second book 'Food for Thought’ by featuring the recipes.

Made from: natural palm leaf, leather handles
Size: 34 x 54 x 32cm